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Polyurethane Injection

Stable Soils Polyurethane Foam Injection solves a much needed solution to “zero excavation” repair to nearly any concrete structure, slab or subterranean infrastructure.

Injected under high pressure, this product lifts, seals and fills voids all in one easy step. Using very small injection points (as small as 1/4), they are drilled through the concrete and foam is then introduced to reach the desired lifting and sealing effect.

Lifting an underground manhole junction?
Re-leveling a basketball court?
Is your living room floor beginning to settle and separate?
Seawall showing signs of stress? Concrete roadway beginning to get bumpy?
Warehouse floor showing stress?

All of these problems and a whole lot more can be quickly repaired and brought back to original grade in hours... not days, and are ready for use immediately!

This process is EXTREMELY clean... no big pumps and nasty concrete slurry puddles. In fact, only the small, filled injection holes are the only evidence seen.

Our injection points are so small; we don’t even remove carpet in most residential cases! And our products are guaranteed for 10 years against shrinkage and loss of strength.

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