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Infrastructure Grouting Testimonials

Chemical Infrastructure Grouting is a very effective process for stopping groundwater intrusion into stormwater and sewer collection systems. Chemical grouting creates an impermeable layer of protection and stabilizes the surrounding soils outside of leaking manhole walls and pipe joints!

Lakeland, FL- Grouting of sanitary sewer joints in 1982 with urethane grout has reduced flows by 1,000,000 gpd and permitted an additional 3,700 service connections. Effectiveness confirmed in 1987

El Lago, TX- Frank Adams reported in 1985 on the sealing of a 42” storm sewer by Naylor Industries in 1977. Urethane foam grout was used successfully to seal joints and stop the cave-ins of streets and sidewalks above the storm sewer infrastructure.

Minneapolis, MN- Manholes grouted in 1980 with urethane grout and oakum impregnated rope were successfully sealed through inspection in 1987.

Albany, GA- In 1984, Billy Daniel reported on the successful use of urethane grout to seal brick and concrete manholes in high groundwater locations of the city. Leaks of 2-100 gpm had been stopped. Grouting saved replacement of the manhole structures and reduced flows at the treatment plant.

Little Rock, AR- Large diameter pipe grouting with urethane foam in 1973 was confirmed to remain effective in 1987. The 60 inch sanitary sewers under the Municipal Airport were built in the 1930’s and about 1900 joints had remained sealed.

Cocoa Beach, FL- Chuck Billias reported in 1984 on a 2-year grouting program conducted about 1975. Flows at the treatment plant were reduced by 800,000 gpd, and reduced flows are still being experienced.

Orlando, FL- Greiner Engineering Services presented a paper in 1985 on a project involving grouting 36” to 48” storm sewers under runways at the International Airport. Urethane foam grouts were used to seal the joints; cement was used to fill voids under the runways.

St. Louis, MO- In 1984, Bill Skinner reported on the sealing of 14 pipe-to-manhole seals in 7 different manholes. Approximately 12 gallons of urethane foam grout were used. Exfiltration tests showed no leaks after several hours with water to the top of each manhole.

Jacksonville Beach, FL- Tests of joints grouted in 1965 showed to be intact and preventing infiltration. Altair Maintenance Services reported in 1984 of the retest. These sewers were shallow and subject to saltwater and fluctuating groundwater levels. After 19 years, the grouted joints were still effectively sealed.

The information contained is intended to document that Chemical grouting is long lasting and very effective. These case studies have been taken from numerous engineering and municipal publications. Source: NAASCO

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