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Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization

Whether it's a simple slab lift, a leaking storm drain or a bridge slab that needs realigned, Stable Soils uses the latest technology and advantages of Polyurethane Chemical Grouting to repair the problem. Polyurethane injection is the perfect product for your repairs; it is strong, fast, clean, quiet, and environmently inert.

In nearly all situations there is no need for excavation which could result in costly interruption of services or livability. Our Polyurethane products set in just minutes. Projects that would normally take weeks or months can be completed in just hours or days.

Our Poly Injection repair process is a very viable option to save valuable infrastructures and budget dollars for uses in other areas. Best of all, our material is guaranteed against defects for 10 years. You can be assured that when the job is completed it will remain worry-free for many years to come.


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