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Concrete Slab Raising

Every Concrete Slab Failure is due to erosion of the underlayment of prepared base. Water flow (rain, drainage, etc.) will continue to wash away this base and amplify the failure. Stable Soils of Florida will drill a couple of 1/2" pilot holes and inspect for void areas.

We will then begin the introduction of a 2-part Polyurethane Foam, capable of penetrating voids as small as 1/32”. As this foam reacts and begins to expand, you will witness lifting. Because we lift very slowly and with the aid of laser levels placed strategically on the slab being lifted, we accomplish a perfectly level (or back to original grade if sloped) every time. This process also seals any cracks that were present to eliminate further erosion.

After the slab is lifted to the desired, pre-determined position, all injection holes are filled with cement or chemical grout. The only evidence will be the grouted ½” holes. This is much more aesthetically pleasing than rip-out-and-replace slab methods that can be discolored compared to surrounding slabs.

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